Special Courses & Events in 2019


In addtion to our regularly scheduled monthly classes, Eagle Rock Gun School and Range is planning Special Courses and Events this year.  By clicking on "read more", a course description will pop up on the sceen.  If the event does not yet appear in the left hand column, select the Range Calendar for the event date and you can register for that course.


June 21 NRA Basic Instructor Training (read more)
June 22 NRA Basic Pistol Class (read more)
June 23 NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Class (read more)
July 6 Free Shooting Day and BBQ
July 13 Handgun Self Defense I (read more)
July 27 NRA Basic Rifle Class (read more)
July 28 NRA Basic Rifle Instructor Class (read more)
August 10 Women-on-Target (read more)
September 28 Tactical Rifle (read more)



The 6 hour NRA Basic Instructor Training Course (BIT) is a pre-requisite class to all other NRA instructor courses.  The purpose of the class is to introduce the instructor candidate to the NRA's instructional program, methods of teaching the students, considerations when planning and arranging a class, and how to obtain student material packets.

Once the candidate has successfully completed this course, the individual can then enroll in discipline specific (pistol, rifle, shotgun) NRA instructor classes.

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