Handgun Self Defense Clinic

Eagle Rock Gun School and Range is offering a 2 hour shooting drills clinic for beginning and experienced shooters.  For those who already attended a concealed weapons class, this is an ideal opportunity to practice their skills.  For firearm owners who have not had formal handgun training, this a great introductory class in learning self defense techniques.

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Cost for the class is $25, but by paying online by selecting the class on the left, the cost is $20.

This is first in a series of handgun self defense classes is for both beginning and experienced shootes and no previous handgun training is needed. It begins with the fundamental considerations in shooting a handgun and graduates to the essential subjects used for handgun self defense which includes:

  • Marksmanship
  • Drawing from a concealed holster
  • Fixing handgun malfunctions
  • Shooting from behind walls
  • Strong and weak hand shooting
  • Shooting from retention
  • Shooting accurate controlled pairs

The lecture portion of the class covers basic handgun and ammo knowledge and how to develop a defensive mindset. The length of the class is 8 hours and the number of rounds fired in the range drills is 300.  All shooting is at human type targets with training in head shots and chest shots.

To fully participate in the drills, the student must bring:

  • minimum 9mm semi-auto; however any caliber is acceptable
  • plastic (Kydex) or leather holster at least 2 magazines, the more the better
  • wear a 1 1/4 inch wide sturdy belt that fits through pant belt loops
  • firearm made by a reliable manufacturer such as: Colt, Glock, Ruger, Smith and Wesson, Springfield, Kimber, etc.
  • hear muffs (electronic type recommended) and eye protection
  • 300 rounds of factory ammunition

Students will receive a 35 page course manual along with a course completion certificate.

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