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The prerequisite for this class is Handgun I and II. The reason for this requirement is the advanced nature of the class. The round requirement for this class is 300. Initial review regarding handgun safety, holster draw, fundamentals of shooting, reloading and malfunction clearance will begin the class. The student is required to bring dummy cartridges and an adequate number of magazines and speed loaders to keep their guns running while shooting the drills.

The following drills to be presented in the class are listed here, however the class may offer more drills depending on the student’s ability:

  • Mozambique drill with timed holster draw utilizing flash sight picture and reset,
  • Handgun malfunction clearances and emergency reloads,
  • Multiple target acquisitions while moving (utilizing shoot no shoot targets),
  • Single hand malfunction clearances, and
  • Door entrance and room clearance exercises.

In summary, it is anticipated that this will be an 8 hour class or longer depending on each student’s ability since some of these drills require one on one student instructor participation.