Special Courses & Events in 2019


In addtion to our regularly scheduled monthly classes, Eagle Rock Gun School and Range is planning Special Courses and Events this year.  By clicking on "read more", a course description will pop up on the sceen.  If the event does not yet appear in the left hand column, select the Range Calendar for the event date and you can register for that course.

September 28 Tactical Rifle (read more)



This is a non-NRA class offered to those students who want to learn and/or improve their handgun skills.  The class is conducted at a shooting range and covers the following topics:

  • how to draw safely from a stong side hip holster
  • difference between Emergency and Retention reloads
  • identifying and correcting handgun malfunctions
  • practice the 6 fundamentals of pistol shooting
  • center-of-mass chest and head shots
  • understanding the concepts of Flashsite Picture and Trigger Reset
  • approaching and shooting from around cover

To fully participate in the drills, SRFI recommends the student bring:

  • the handgun you wish to shoot in the class (semi-auto or revolver), preferably the one you have chosen for concealed carry
  • strong side hip holster that safely secures the handgun
  • at least 2 magazines (semi-auto) or 2 speed loaders (revolver), the more the better
  • wear a 1 1/4 inch wide sturdy belt that fits through pant belt loops
  • hear muffs (electronic type recommended) and eye protection
  • 200 rounds of factory ammunition
  • ball cap to protect you from hot brass
  • Cold weather? Dress warm and wear gloves that permit you to shoot the gun.
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