Tactical Shotgun Clinic

Tactical Shotgun CLINIC

This clinic is a 2 hour session on the basics of using a Shotgun.  For beginning shooters, this is a great opportunity to learn the safe use and familiarization of your firearm.  For experienced shooters, the shooting exercises serve as practice sessions for the fundamentals you learned from prior training.

Topics include emergency and tactical reloads and identifying and correcting firearm malfunctions, and learning to shoot controlled pairs and head shots.

To obtain the most from this clinic, attendees need to bring:

  1. A reliable Shotgun of their choice, preferably the one you familiar with
  2. 25 rounds of factory ammunition (no reloads)
  3. Eye and ear protection
  4. Billed cap

Event Properties

Event Date 06-19-2021 10:00 am
Individual Price $20.00
Location Eagle Rock Gun School and Range