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Shotgun Home Defense - $95

October 28th





Tactical Rifle


The purpose of the class is to teach civilian firearm defense using an AR-15 or similar type rifle.  This class is for experienced shooters familiar semi automatic rifles and is NOT a basic class.  Students are expected to know how to operate their semi automatic rifle and have their rifles sighted for 50 yards.

The class begins with the fundamental considerations in shooting a rifle and graduates to the essential subjects used for tactical rifle self defense techniques which include:

  • Marksmanship
  • Use of a sling
  • Recognizing and fixing rifle malfunctions
  • Shooting from behind barriers
  • Strong and weak side shooting
  • Shooting on the move
  • Shooting accurate controlled pairs

This is a 2 day class where the student will shoot about 500 rounds.  All shooting is at human type targets with training in head shots and chest shots.

To fully participate in the drills, the student must bring:

  • semi-auto in .223.5.56, .308 or PPC caliber
  • 4 high capacity magazines minimum and magazine loader
  • single or two point sling with rapid detachment; two point recommended
  • rifle made by a reliable manufacturer
  • eye and ear protection (electronic type recommended)
  • minimum of 500 rounds of factory ammunition
  • shooting mat, empty chamber flag, spotting scope (optional)
  • handgun (semi auto preferred), holster and minimum 100 round and 3 magazines
  • minimum 6 dummy cartidges in the caliber of your rifle

Students will receive a manual along with a course completion certificate.