This is a non-NRA class offered to those students who want to learn and/or improve their handgun skills.  The class is conducted at a shooting range and covers the following topics:

  • how to draw safely from a stong side hip holster
  • difference between Emergency and Retention reloads
  • identifying and correcting handgun malfunctions
  • practice the 6 fundamentals of pistol shooting
  • center-of-mass chest and head shots
  • understanding the concepts of Flashsite Picture and Trigger Reset
  • approaching and shooting from around cover

To fully participate in the drills, SRFI recommends the student bring:

  • the handgun you wish to shoot in the class (semi-auto or revolver), preferably the one you have chosen for concealed carry
  • strong side hip holster that safely secures the handgun
  • at least 2 magazines (semi-auto) or 2 speed loaders (revolver), the more the better
  • wear a 1 1/4 inch wide sturdy belt that fits through pant belt loops
  • hear muffs (electronic type recommended) and eye protection
  • 200 rounds of factory ammunition
  • ball cap to protect you from hot brass
  • Cold weather? Dress warm and wear gloves that permit you to shoot the gun.